We’re very sorry to hear that. Unfortunately, we are experiencing delays at ECOM (our biometric KYC partners) and not all agents can complete the scheduled KYCs. 

If you have your original PAN card available, then we recommend you to try our new Video KYC option (your KYC can be done on a video call in 5 mins, and then it can be approved within 2-3 days). You can follow these steps: Home Page -> Pending Actions (on the top of the screen) -> “Complete Now” (under “Complete Full KYC “)  -> “Start Video VKYC”.

In case you’re not able to see the option for Video KYC, please reach out to us on chat, and we will enable it for you. 

If you don’t have your original PAN available (or video KYC has been rejected sometimes), then we request you to please reschedule your biometric KYC (if you have already tried more than twice, please let us know at niyox.escalations@goniyo.com and we will escalate this).