We’re sorry that your transfer/payment failed. It usually takes upto 2 days for the money to get auto-refunded to your bank account if you were trying to transfer money to another person. If you were trying to pay any merchant (such as any shops - physical or online), then it can take upto 6 days.

In case, you still do not get back the money within this time, you can check if the beneficiary got the money (the person you were trying to send money to). If they also did not get it:

If you were transferring money to another person (individual): Please write to us at niyox.escalations@goniyo.com and we will escalate to Equitas bank on your behalf.

If you were transferring money to a merchant/shop/store: Please write to customerservice@equitasbank.com (bank’s email ID) and they will help you. 

We would like to assure you that your money is absolutely safe.