You can order the NiyoX Debit Card by following these simple steps:

1. Click on “
Pending Actions” (top of the home page) and “Order Now” or Click on “Menu” > “Savings Account” > “Card Settings” > “Order Now”.

2. Select the card design of your choice.

3. You will be shown the card order charges - 
Rs. 234.82 (Rs. 199 + GST). Select the check box and place the order.

card will be delivered within 15 days. You will receive an AWB (tracking number) number on your registered mobile number within 3-4 days that can be used to track your card delivery.

Important Notes:

a) The NiyoX debit card can only be ordered after completing your KYC (Video-KYC).

b) There is a charge of 
Rs. 234.82 (Rs. 199 + GST) at the time of ordering/reordering the card and the yearly card charges are also the same.

c) You need to have a balance of Rs. 235 or above in your account, as the ordering fee will get deducted any time after you have ordered the card.

For any issues/delays in delivery, you can write to us at