A. Steps to order your NiyoX Debit Card:

1. Click on “Pending Actions” (top of the home page) and “Order Now”  or  Click on “Menu” > “Savings Account” > “Card Settings” > “Order Now”.

2. Select the card design of your choice.

3. You will be shown the card order charges - Rs. 234.82 (Rs. 199 + GST). Select the check box and place the order. 

Important Notes:

a) The NiyoX debit card can only be ordered after your KYC is completed (Video or biometric KYC).

b) Equitas bank charges Rs. 234.82 (Rs. 199 + GST) at the time of ordering the card (ordering fee). From the second year onwards, the bank will charge Rs. 234.82 (Rs. 199 + GST) as the annual maintenance fee (reissue fee).

c) Please keep a balance of Rs. 235 or above in your account, as the ordering fee can get deducted any time after you have ordered the card (It will mostly happen once your card is delivered).

B. Track your NiyoX Debit Card order

Once we receive your card tracking details, we will show them on the app (we will also send you a message on WhatsApp and SMS once we get the details). It usually takes 3-5 days to get it. 

You can then track your delivery by following these steps:

1. Click on “Menu” > “Savings Account” > “Card Settings”.

2. Click on “Track your card”.

3. Copy the AWB number (tracking number) and click “Track Now”.

You will be redirected to the delivery partner's website where you can simply paste the AWB number and check the delivery status of your debit card. You should ideally get the card within 15 working days.