Yes, there are some charges by Equitas Bank:

1. Card Ordering Fee

Equitas bank will charge Rs. 234.82 (Rs. 199 + GST) at the time of ordering the card (ordering or reordering fee).

2. Annual Maintenance Fee (Reissue fee-from the second year)

Equitas bank will charge Rs. 234.82 (Rs. 199 + GST) as the annual maintenance fee (reissue fee) from the second year onwards (yearly).

Important Notes:

a) The NiyoX debit card can only be ordered after your KYC is completed (Video or biometric KYC).

b) Please keep a balance of Rs. 235 or above in your account, as the ordering fee can get deducted any time after you have ordered the card (It will mostly happen once your card is delivered).