We’re very sorry about that. This can sometimes happen if the delivery agent is not able to locate your address, if you were not at home if you stay at a different address than the one registered with us, etc.

If this is the first time it’s happened, then the bank will re-dispatch the card in 2-3 working days (this time they will try with a different delivery partner). You will then be able to track it from the NiyoX app.

If this is the second time that the card has been sent back to the bank, then you need to reach out to Equitas bank (you can go to the closest branch or contact them at customerservice@equitasbank.com or  1800-103-1222 (between 9 AM - 6 PM).

If your address is correct, you will need to confirm that. If your address with the bank is different, then you will need to get your address changed first, and then they will deliver the card to you.