Yes, you can change your communication or permanent address with NiyoX

    A. Communication Address (needs to be changed from the Equitas internet banking portal)

1. Log in to Equitas internet banking

2. On the home page, click on 'Service Request' and then choose 'DIY Services'.

3. Click on 'Change of communication address'.

4. Select the option to change the correspondence address

5. Select identification requirements i.e. either Aadhaar or VID

6. Enter the OTP sent to your Aadhaar registered phone number.

7. Choose YES if you want your communication address to be the same as your Aadhaar, else, choose NO (and enter the address of your choice).

It will take upto 3 working days for your address to get updated. You will get informed by Equitas bank once the address is changed. You can then check it yourself by following these steps on our app: Menu > Savings Account > Account Details. Click the refresh button to see the new address.

       B. Permanent Address 

This can only be changed by approaching the nearest Equitas Small Finance Bank (they will help you change it).