This is a unique rewards program that rewards you monthly (through scratch cards) for simply crediting your salary (Rs. 20,000 or more) and spending Rs. 1,200 or more (in one go) each month. 

  • Your KYC should be completed (video KYC or biometric KYC)
  • Subscribe to the Salary Rewards Program. Click “Salary Account” (from the home page)  > “Subscribe”.
  • Transfer Rs. 20,000 or more from your existing account to the NiyoX savings account before the end of the month (via IMPS, NEFT, or RTGS - it can’t be through UPI).
  • Spend Rs. 1,200 or more from this account (in one go) before the end of the month. This can be through your debit card or UPI (not IMPS, NEFT, RTGS).
  • You can do both of these (transfer money and spend it) in any order (whether you transfer first or spend first does not matter as long as both are done in the same month).
  • Once both the tasks are completed, you will get a scratch card.
  • These rewards will run for 12 months (you can win salary rewards for upto 12 months if you meet the requirements in each month).

Our recommendation - Instead of manually transferring Rs. 20,000 (or more) each month, you can simply make your NiyoX savings account your salary account (and earn upto 7% interest). You just need to write to your company HR to change your salary account (you need to ask them to do so and share the account details - your name, bank name,  account number, IFSC code).