There are very few charges on the DCB Niyo Savings Account. 

  • International ATM charges: You will be charged INR 300 + GST. The bank whose ATM you may use also may charge a fee (the ATM should mention the fee but we would not know about it). 

           Note: Starting 30th May' 24 Int. ATM Fee will be ₹425 + GST

  • Domestic ATM charges: If you use a DCB ATM, there are no charges at all. If you use any other bank ATMs, then you will be charged as below: 
  • Average Monthly Balance (AMB) in DCB Niyo Savings Account maintained is less than INR 25,000: First 5 transactions free. 
  • Average monthly balance (AMB) in DCB Niyo Savings Account maintained is INR 25,000 or more: First 8 transactions free. 
  • Charges above free limit: INR 21 + GST per financial transaction &  INR 8.5 + GST per non-financial transaction. 
  • Annual maintenance charges (after 1st year): INR 500 (waived off if Average Quarterly Balance maintained is more than INR 5000 for last 4 quarters) 
  • Replace your debit card: If you lose your debit card and need to replace it, you will be charged INR 249 + GST. 

However, there are no charges for: 

  • Opening the account. 
  • Foreign currency conversion. Only the VISA exchange rate applies to all transactions. 
  • Not maintaining any balance in the account. 
  • Adding money to your account via NEFT/ RTGS/ IMPS/ IFT. 
  • No annual maintenance in the first year. 
  • Ordering the physical debit card while opening the account. 

You can check the Schedule of Charges here