There are upto 4 payment methods available to pay for your investments - Net Banking, UPI,  AutoPay (e-mandate), and Direct Debit (option to invest via OTP, if eligible).

For SIP investments: 

Auto-pay is the default payment option. If you do not have an auto-pay set up already, then you will be prompted to set it up (unless you already have it/have it paused/if your SIP amount is higher than Rs. 1 Lakh or if your bank does not support auto-debits) before you can confirm the SIP details.

For Lumpsum investments

Lumpsum investments can be paid for using all 4 payment options:  Net Banking, UPI,  AutoPay (e-mandate), and Direct Debit (option to invest via OTP, if eligible).

A Direct Debit is an option that Niyo X & Equitas bank has come up with. It allows you to simply enter the OTP (on your registered mobile number) to make the payment. This payment option may or may not be visible to you (at a given point in time), depending on certain factors such as the KYC status of your savings account, the daily, monthly limits, etc.

In case you are eligible for this payment option (the system checks everything), then it will be the default payment option for lumpsum investments. If not, then you can pay via Net Banking, UPI, or Auto-pay

Important Notes:

1. You cannot pay through a debit card or credit card (not allowed by regulations).

2. You cannot pay through someone else's bank account. You also cannot pay through an unregistered bank account (your bank account that's not registered with us)

3. Some banks like Equitas approve the e-mandate (auto-pay) instantly. Some banks may take up to 3-5 business days to approve. Till your mandate gets approved, you can make the investments using net banking/UPI.