Auto-pay enables you to automate your SIP payments. You can also use it to make lumpsum investments (in one click). 

It is an authorization you give your bank to enable Niyo Equitas to transfer money from your bank account directly to the Mutual Fund’s account (only as per your instructions to Niyo Equitas).

You can follow these simple steps to set it up:

1. Click on the Menu (bottom right of the home page)
2. Click on "Investment Account"
3. Click on Bank & Auto-pay
4.  Click on Set Up Auto-Pay
5. Click on Start E-Mandate Registration
6. Click on either Debit Card or Net Banking (more details below)
7. Click on Authenticate

This will take you to the final page of confirmation if your details are successfully verified


a) You will be prompted to set up an auto-pay if you wish to set up SIPs.

b) You can register auto-pay by authorizing it either via net banking or debit card. For net banking, you can first open the net banking portal of your bank and activate net banking. Once done, you can use the same login credentials on NiyoX to set up auto-pay.

For the debit card option, you can enter your debit card details. If you have a Niyo Equitas bank account registered as your primary account then you can even use the virtual card details to set up auto-pay. 

c) Some banks like Equitas approve the e-mandate instantly. Some banks may take up to 3-5 business days to approve. Till your mandate gets approved, you can make the investments using net banking/UPI.

d) Setting up an Auto-pay may involve some charges. Some banks charge a small fee, whereas some banks don’t. Out of the banks that charge a fee, the amount can vary from one bank to another. 

Equitas bank only charges you Rs. 1 to set up your Auto-pay.