There are NO charges from our side, as we only allow investments in Direct (zero commission) funds. We also don't have any transaction, account opening, or maintenance charges. In short, you don't pay anything directly or indirectly to us.

There can however be charges from the mutual fund companies or the government on your investments/redemptions.

From 1st July 2020, the government has started to levy a charge called “Stamp Duty” of 0.005% on the purchase (investments/purchase transactions) of all mutual fund units. 

This is deducted from the amount you invest and the purchase of units happens after this deduction. For eg. If you invest Rs. 1,000 in a fund, Rs. 0.05 (0.005% * 1000 = 0.05) will be deducted as stamp duty and the remaining amount, i.e. Rs 999.95 (1000 - 0.05 = 999.95) will be invested. Think of this as an “entry load/charge”. This is only applicable at the time of investing, and not redemption. 

You can read more about charges and taxes (for investment and redemption) in our blog.