(Note: this is just an example, and thus the numbers showing here are random)

Current Amount - This is the current value of your portfolio of investments, made through Invest the change. For example, the amount that’s been invested through this feature till now is Rs. 10,000 and it has increased to 18,402 then that is the current value. . The current value depends on how the fund is performing, and this value can change on a daily basis (there can be profits or losses).

Mutual Fund - The fund that you have selected, for your spare change to get invested in (once it reaches or crosses the selected threshold the respective minimum investment requirement of the fund). 

Round up - This is the value by which we will round up all your savings account transactions/payments. For example, a roundup of Rs. 10 means if you spent Rs, 152 on Swiggy, we will round this up to the next 10 (Rs. 160) and then see how much spare change you have saved (Rs. 8 in this case). You can select the roundup value to be Rs. 10, Rs. 50, or Rs. 100.

Accumulated Change - Here, we show you the details of the spare change that is getting accumulated, while you are using the Niyo Equitas Savings account. We show you details about the transactions (spending/purchases) that you have made, how much you have spent, and also how much spare change was saved.

For example, if you spend Rs. 152 on Swiggy and the roundup value is Rs. 10, it will make a note of the spare change as Rs. 8 (160-152).

We also show you how much spare change has been accumulated till now (in this current cycle). If you refer to the example in the screenshot, it shows that Rs. 75 has been saved till now, and once the saved change reaches Rs. 100, it will get invested (this can be seen inside the circle in the screenshot). 

If the fund you have selected has a minimum investment amount of Rs 500, then the saved change must reach Rs 500 to be invested. This is how it would show up on your screen: 

(Note: this is just an example, and thus the numbers showing here are random)

Past Investments - Here, we show you the investment transactions that have been made through this feature. It will show you how much amount got invested, on what date, and in which fund. For any investment that may be in progress or may have failed, we also show their status.

View full portfolio  - Clicking here will show you your complete mutual fund portfolio (investments made through this feature and the Mutual Fund section).