No, we only make a note of the spare change calculation every time you spend using the Niyo Equitas Savings account. Only once the accumulated spare change amount reaches or crosses the selected threshold (Rs 100 to Rs 500) based on the minimum investment requirement of the fund you have selected, is when we send an auto-debit request to your bank, to deduct this amount and invest it in the fund that you have selected 

For example, if you have spent Rs. 152 on Swiggy (and the roundup value is Rs. 10), then only Rs. 152 will get deducted from your account at that time. However, we will make a note of the spare change that will be calculated as:

Rs. 152 can be rounded up to Rs. 160 (rounded up by 10). Spare change = Rs. 8 (160 - 152). Once the accumulated change reaches Rs. 100 (or the selected amount till Rs.500), it will get invested.