Your spare change may not be getting invested because of any of these reasons:

  • You have switched off (disabled) the Invest the Change feature (you can switch it on again).

  • If you got the auto-pay stopped/paused (it needs to be active for investments to take place).

  • If you do not/did not have sufficient balance in your savings account. For example, if the amount to be invested was Rs. 120 but you did not have this much balance in your account, then the investment cannot take place.

Note: The balance needs to be maintained in the bank account that has the auto-pay registered with us. While for most of you, this bank will be Niyo Equitas Savings bank, it can be different for some.

Investments in NiyoX are powered by Niyo Money. If you were an existing Niyo Money user, then you may have registered the auto-pay with some other bank account.