The investment amount will automatically get deducted from the bank account with which you have an auto-pay (e-mandate) registered with us.

For most of you, this bank will be Niyo Equitas Savings bank. 

Investments in NiyoX are powered by Niyo Money. If you were an existing Niyo Money user, then you may have registered the auto-pay with some other bank account. In this case, the spare change calculation takes place based on your spendings from the Equitas savings account, but the money will get deducted from your primary registered bank account.

Note: Please maintain balance in your savings bank account for these investments to take place. We will be able to check the balance for the Equitas Savings account beforehand (as we have a tie-up) but not for other banks. Some banks can charge a penalty/fee if there is insufficient balance at the time when an automatic debit is attempted.