• If you have blocked your card due to any security concerns or erroneously, you can now reorder a new card using these simple steps:

    1. Login to your Niyo SBM account and select Card Settings from the dashboard. You would be able to see a banner at the top of the screen to generate the new Virtual Card.

2. SelectGenerate to activate your new VISA virtual debit card 

3. Once generated, you would get the option to order a new card from the same page. Select Order.

4. Select any of your given addresses or add a new address for the delivery. You would also have the option to edit (add to or deduct from) your existing addresses.

5. Once done, you can review your details and pay the card reorder fees. The card reorder fee is 249+ 18% GST =293 and will get deducted from your Niyo SBM account once you confirm the payment.

6. As soon as the card reorder is placed, you would be able to see the Tracking ID with the latest card delivery updates on your App screen.