There are very few charges on the Niyo SBM Account.

ATM charges for the debit card:

  • Domestic ATM Withdrawal: If you use an SBM ATM, there are no charges at all, but if you use any other ATMs, then you will be charged Rs. 20 + GST (after 5 free withdrawals)
  • International ATM* (Cash Withdrawal and Balance Enquiry) Financial and Non-Financial Transaction: INR 423+GST per transaction*

Replace your debit card: If you lose your debit card and need to replace it, you will be charged Rs. 249 + GST.

 We do not charge you for a lot of things: 

  • No charges for opening the account.
  • This is a zero-balance account with no charges for not maintaining any balance in the account.
  • No charges for adding money to your account via NEFT/RTGS/IMPS/IFT.
  • No annual maintenance charges.
  • No charges for ordering the physical debit card. 

You can click on the below attachment to see the schedule of charges.