There are no charges for

• Online transactions or using your credit card in any physical store. We have zero-forex charges - No charges for the convenience of foreign currency conversion. Only the VISA exchange rate applies to all transactions.

• No charges for ordering the physical credit card. However, you will, you will have to open Niyo SBM savings account before placing a request for the credit card. Ordering a credit card requires creating a fixed deposit (FD) of Rs. 5000 or more.

• No annual maintenance charges on the card. However, if you lose the card and need a replacement, then you will be charged Rs. 249 + GST.

There are charges for Domestic and international ATM withdrawals: Rs. 500+GST or 2.5%+GST of the ATM withdrawal amount, whichever is higher. The bank whose ATM you use may also charge a fee (the ATM should mention the fee, but we would not know about it).
 Note: Effective from 7th June'24 International ATM Withdrawal will be ₹423 or equivalent to 2.5% of the transaction amount, whichever is higher + GST. 

In case you don't pay the total amount due by the due date, you get charged 3% monthly interest (36% per annum).
In case you missed your bill payment date, a late payment fee of Rs.150 + GST is also applied.

You can view all charges related to your credit card here.