There are no charges if you withdraw from Equitas Bank's ATMs.

If you are using any other bank’s ATMs:

a) You can withdraw 3 times for free from other ATMs in metro cities (Cities where Equitas Bank ATMs are available)

b) You can withdraw 5 times for free from other ATMs in non-metro cities. 
After crossing the limit, You will be charged Rs. 21 + GST per ATM withdrawal.

If you are outside India: You will be charged Rs. 499 (including taxes, effective 5th November 2023) for every ATM withdrawal and Rs. 25 + tax for every balance inquiry. There will be an additional charge for using an International ATM by the specific bank (we will not know about this)

Click (or download) here to check the bank's schedule of charges (list of other charges).

Note: Charges can be changed by Niyo or Equitas Bank in the future.