There are no charges for online transactions or using your debit card in any physical store. We have zero-forex charges - No charges for the convenience of foreign currency conversion. Only the VISA exchange rate applies to all transactions.

Card ordering/reordering charges are Rs. 199 + GST.

There are charges for ATM withdrawals:
International ATM charges: You will be charged Rs. 499 including GST for any ATM Withdrawal and Rs. 25+GST for balance inquiries. The bank whose ATM you may use also may charge a fee (the ATM should mention the fee, but we would not know about it).

Domestic ATM charges: If you use an Equitas ATM, there are no charges at all, but if you use any other ATMs, then you will be charged Rs. 21 + GST (after 5 free withdrawals at non-metro locations and after 3 withdrawals at metro locations).

You can click here
 to see the schedule of charges.