Your billing cycle is a set of 30 days, at the end of which a bill is generated against all your spending. For your Niyo SBM credit card, the cycle is from the 1st to the 30th/31st of every month. Your bill will get generated on the 1st of the next month (for example, you will get the bill for Nov on the 1st Dec). You will have to pay your bill by the 15th of that month (the bill generation month. In this example, by 15th Dec).

You now have the option to change your bill generation date for your credit card from the profile tab on the Niyo Application. 

Please Note:

 * You will only be able to change the billing cycle once and will not be able to update it later.

 * The new billing date will be reflected in the next credit cycle.

 * You will have to repay your bill 15 days from the bill generation date that you have selected.