Your Debit Card delivery could have failed because of various reasons (incorrect address, you not being available, refusal to accept the Debit Card, etc). In such cases, your Debit Card is returned to Utkarsh Small Finance Bank Ltd.

Utkarsh Small Finance Bank will send you an email and SMS once they receive your Debit Card asking you to contact them at or call on 1800 123 9878. You will need to re-confirm your address and ask them to re-dispatch your Debit Card. Please ensure the details are correct and that you are available to pick up the Debit Card (you can track the delivery and plan accordingly). The Bank will also send you 2 reminders (if you don’t reach out to them). Please reach out to them as soon as possible or else your Account will get frozen (you will not be able to withdraw or spend any money).

Two reasons when your Account get freezed

  1. If you don’t get in touch with the Bank within 7 days (after the 2nd reminder).

  2. If your Debit Card delivery fails for the second time.

You will then have to visit the nearest Utkarsh Small Finance Bank Branch to unfreeze your Account.